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Things become quite awkward between Urkel and Laura due to their earlier encounter. Naked sexy fat. When Steve passes out, Eddie talks to Waldo about how he unleashed his anger on Waldo and apologizes by admitting he was just as much an idiot than who he called and the two become friends again.

During the final round, Carl and Steve realizes where their feud had gotten them and finally talks to each other. Steve is all alone for Christmas, his family having left him behind and the Winslows shunning him after he breaks Laura's old-fashioned Christmas ornament.

Meanwhile, Harriette berates Carl for not helping with the housework. Family matters the naked and the nerdy. Carl and all of the car's passengers are ill-tempered, wanting to get home to celebrate the holidays with their families, leaving it up to Urkel to remind them that Christmas can be celebrated anywhere with anyone. Everyone is surprised when Myrtle comes on and talks about her unrequited love for Eddie. Despite warning Carl to leave the jar containing the iron inside the house, he ignores it and is electrocuted.

Natalie Knepp Michael Rady. Some parts of this page won't work property. Carl's pick for Laura's date is a decision that would change their lives and one he would forever live to regret: Meanwhile, the Winslow women get a nasty surprise when the new shampoo that they ordered causes them to go bald.

His narcissism eventually disgusts his band mates as the video only focuses on him and leaving them out, thanks to Urkel's loose lips. Meanwhile, Urkel joins in Carl's poker night and gets cleaned out by the hustling Lt. Nude girls in real life. He does and is promoted to lieutenant. Urkel's father invents a microscopic camera that lets doctors insert it into patient's brains to search for brain damage. Soon the class are impressed when he shows a criminal the dangers of his actions if he kills an innocent police officer.

He decided to takes a second job at Cafe Java in order for the clumsy nerd to pay for it and not wanted be banished by Carl, by transforming into his alter-ego Stefan Urquelle, and playing smooth jazz, giving the Winslows a few nights of not to be pestered by him. They eventually embarrass the nerd and push him to the point where he wants to quit. Carl and Urkel get into a feud over house rules. Their fighting escalates with a pie fight, with Urkel taking the hit.

The harrowing experience teaches Eddie a valuable lesson in what the consequences would've been if Urkel hadn't been around to rescue Carl and promises to spend more time with him.

Meanwhile, Harriette insists that Carl allow her boss, Nick Neidermeyer Orbachto play poker with him and his buddies in their weekly game. Steve explains that while he does sulk about it, he is constantly reminding himself that giving up is not an option, and the one should always stand up for themselves. Richie brings home a homeless man Art Evans for Christmasmuch to the Winslow's chagrin, but he winds up teaching them a holiday lesson about the meaning of the season.

Meanwhile, Urkel and Laura plan a surprise birthday party for Myra. After Harriette opens it, she realized he had framed their pictures at the carnival inside the Ferris wheel on their first date back in their youth. Sexy girls kissing hd. However, when her friends bail out for a Paula Abdul concert, it is up to Laura, Judy, Eddie and Steve to keep things under control while Carl invites Captain Davenport to dinner. Harriette is jealous of Carl's new beat partner, an attractive female cop.

Wisecracker Jerry blabs about his latest conquest until Urkel lets slip that Eddie has never had sex with anyone, leading to plenty of locker room teasing.

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Eventually, Stefan who has kept Urkel's scientific genius, though at a slower rate repairs the machine, and has him changed back before he can wreak any more havoc on the Winslow household.

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Soon the Winslows learn there's nothing wrong with Steve still believing in Santa, especially when they discover his letter with which he asked Santa to let him spend Christmas with the Winslows and Richie is happy with his present. The nerd and flustered foil Carl are shrunk to two inches tall, and as a result must work together to dodge hazards such as rolling fruit and large house cats.

They soon realize it's harder than they think when Eddie's irresponsibility and Steve's science collide! He hurts his back while practicing, and heals just in time for the contest. Sexy naked anime characters. Meanwhile, Laura who has recently reached adulthood moves into an apartment with Myra, but the two do not get along. Urkel decides to at least advance his budding relationship with Myra. Steve teaches everyone how to "Do the Urkel" at Maxine's rooftop party, but the party may be his last when Willie Fuffner spikes the punch with whiskey as revenge for humiliating him.

Carl tries defending his actions, but Harriette and Rachel — in an effort to tell him that words hurt — decide to give him the silent treatment until he apologizes. Family matters the naked and the nerdy. So it's up to both of them to get his pen pal out of the house before Harriette finds out.

Laura tells him to confess to his girlfriend, Myra, if it bothers him so much. Steve fantasizes about kissing her and feels so guilty that he confides in Laura. Soon they see the error of their ways and allow her to go to the concert providing that she keeps a cell phone with her.

It isn't long until Harriette gives him, her usual "I told you so". Laura decides to go to the school dance with the class hunk Jimmy, and she encourages Steve to take Myra as his date.

Carl must tell Laura some bad news about her college aspirations.

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Jimmy doesn't like Urkel and tells Laura that her being friends with Urkel is "bad for my rep" and that she needs to stop associating with Urkel if she wants to keep dating him.

Urkel fights temptation as he fantasizes about a relationship with a beautiful bug collector Amy Hunter he met in an online chat room. Girls who are sexy. But then John finds himself attracted to the sheriff's daughter and decides to stick around.

So Steve decides to teach him, but 3J refuses fearing he will break his promise like the other Big Brothers he had. Laura finally goes to sleep and Urkel is chased by Carl for being inside her room a direct violation to his house rules.

In Steve's case, he decides he will make the most of being the equipment manager this year, and hopefully make the team next year. Steve really wants to go on a class bicycle trip with Myra, but he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. He ends up shooting and killing Two-Gun right as he wakes up, and realizes he should apologize to Steve and his father. Meanwhile, Richie tries to fight off Gwendolyn who wants him to be her "Daddy Mac"!

Yourupload Choose This Server. Waldo baked a gourmet cake for his mid-term, which is sure to get a passing grade. Nude scene big brother. Steve tells the gang that the transformation chamber works with the green liquid, "Bruce Juice", but he tricked them into thinking that it was anyone other than Bruce Lee.

Eddie wants to date an "easy" girl, named Vonda Danielle Nicolet but can't unless Urkel helps tutor her.

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