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This recording can be used as a continuation of Hypnotic Cock Worship or as a stand-alone experience. This version of the recording only allows the listener to edge and grants no orgasm at the end of the file. Nude ftv girls pics. Hypnosis orgasm naked. There is no wake up command at the end of this file.

Same thing here, end of senior year. So once you got to that situation your brain just took over. Could she have done it without? The recording starts off with the listener being brought deep into trance to fulfill an instinctual need to be treated as a pet.

There are 3 versions of this file, a short version with a plain vocal intro and wake up commands at the end, a 33 minute version that is loop-able with no wake up commands, and a 55 minute version that is loop-able with no wake up commands.

You are then made to strip naked and masturbate to orgasm for me to lock in all of these suggestions deep into your mind.

For others it will take repeated sessions, each taking you deeper and deeper until you realise it's worked, and you're unable to climax without permission. When I combine these things together. On a stage surrounded by an audience, yes. July 6th, by Dumb Domme. Girls that love tits. This is the fourth file in the Toy Hypnosis series. This page contains links to webpages which may contain language and other explicit material not suitable for children and teens under 18 over 21 in AL, MS, NE and WY plus other jurisdictions.

Punishment for Good Girls: After he got over his surprise they quickly dragged her bags inside, then he stripped her of her clothes as they stumbled to the bed. I am a mind-over-matter subject. He then told the audience that the show was ready to begin I have two dicks! This recording gets more pleasurable and powerful each time you listen. August 17, at 3: Edging Addiction NSFW This recording uses a wall of sound style induction along with a few sleep commands to bring the listener into trance very rapidly and deeply.

Subject knock herself out with her own finger. If the listener is not hypnotized they cannot touch. I begged her like I have never begged before to return my precious chair-enabler.

The voice in my head never stopped commenting on how much it wasn't working.

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Edge Addict 2 This is a set of 2 recordings one with background vocals and the other without. Perfect filipina tits. We asked him wtf happened and he said calmly that he had a dream that he had died and that it was very peaceful, me and my other friend look at each other and a massive chill runs down our spines we say nope decide to go to sleep.

I honestly don't think she would ever do that on her own, even with peer pressure. I went for hypnosis.

I am pretty sure she got to see the show. He did a quick 'test' to see who didn't respond well and those got sent back to their seats. This recording is a hypnotic fantasy for male listeners where they are seeing me for a hypnotherapy session to help them feel more relaxed.

What do you mean I am a fucking non-smoker, nothing has changed, god damn it!!! As he's talking, I decide that I am going to have to fake it thinking that everyone else is actually hypnotized. A very excellent visualizer. Finally there is no wake up command at the end of the file. For best effects listen to this file naked wearing only a collar. The last really interesting part is that in certain scenes, like ones where people got up and danced on stage, the hypnotist used that as a distraction.

At the end of the recording you are left in trance and ordered to seek out your desire and fantasy either online or in real life. Black girls spreading pussy pics. Hypnosis orgasm naked. Erotic Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis: I am still refusing to listen to "reason" and decide to give it all I got. These files are best listened to multiple times on a loop and actively encourage the listener to listen over and over again. I get this overwhelming urge to just spit it out and have to try not to gag.

This custom recording is designed for male listeners. There are masturbation commands in this file and it is recommended to listen in the nude. Caroline put on a tight summer dress and headed out the door in her sexiest heels. I still eat junk food. Brunette nude sex. I wasn't responding well to depression meds and sought out an alternative solution. She held him deep until she needed to breathe, then she pulled back and drew a few breaths through her nose before going deep again. There are two orgasm commands in this recording and there is some lite verbal abuse.

My friend said it was one of the scariest transitions he's ever seen, I went from smiling to this snarling fury instantaneously. At the end there is no wake up command and you are told to sleep on my couch in the dressing room. I've also seen hypnotic commands work when the individual was awake. For the rest of the week, Caroline skipped out on the trade convention and spent her time with Nikolaj, being his slave, his lover, his assistant, and in between, they started to get to know each other, and started to like each other.

Slave Hypnosis NSFW This is a slave hypnosis recording where I personally discipline the listener for not being as obedient as they could possibly be.

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In this cage you are forced to masturbate while being brainwashed. So I, and I assume the others on stage with me, played along with his commands which weren't too unsavory.

Replace food with a cigarette, or two or three. Adult girl sex video. Hypnosis orgasm naked. However, the effects of stage hypnosis are probably due to a combination of relatively ordinary social psychological factors such as peer pressure, social compliance, participant selection, ordinary suggestibility, and some amount of physical manipulation, stagecraft, and trickery.

After this part the file plays either a 30 minute or hour long subliminal brainwashing track while you watch the material you want to be conditioned to. During sex I strangle the listener more intensely and give suggestions that they are my Fucktoy and exist to please me. I am tired and crash around 9 pm. Kind of crazy since I'm not religious. Big tit ebony cumshot compilation The listener is also given suggestions to have more intense orgasms in the future after listening to this recording. The recording does not designate a specific person as Master but there are suggestions to respond to my hypnotic voice.

This recording uses a wall of sound style of induction along with powerful binaural beats to overwhelm the listener's mind and take them deep into trance. During the recording the listener is made to feel arousal and the desire to masturbate however my voice pins them down making masturbation impossible.

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PERVERT LESBIAN PORN Neil told me tales of a couple he helped get into pup play, and we chatted a bit, off the record, about some of the odder requests he received. Hypnosis Edge Addict This file is meant to tease your body and mind and force to you be addicted to edging your body just to the point of orgasm and then stopping.
Sexy naked couples By three she had made up her mind and walked back to her hotel room, making a quick stop at a pharmacy on the way. This is one of the biggest tricks of hypnotism and why it so often works in a group stage setting. They also brought in a hypnotist.
Sexi xxxx vidio I was pretty sure that 1 Hypnosis was invented for self-righteous menopausal Berkeley women, not me. Regular hypnosis is about the same.
Bbw milf creampie This mp3 is a request from one of my supporters so if you have a request please feel free to message me.

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