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Evie larosa nude

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What do you think? Evie Delatosso gonna play with big penis. Porn cute milf. Next Post Pit of Swords and Sorcery: Evie Olson getting her meaty pussy lips sucked. Evie larosa nude. Nasty teen slut Evie Olson screwed real hard by horny dude.

She gives the guy a sensuous smirk and beckons him to draw closer. Meanwhile, outside — surprise! He wants her for the outfits. I guess I got the best of both. If he follows the prophecy, Evie says, Deathstalker will be a cinch to make legend status. After a brief exchange they rush at each other, swords drawn, and the duel of the titans is on. This is what you get when you hang out with the evil sorcerer, kid. College lesbian orgy. John Terlesky is a pretty agile and athletic guy, but some of the more violent falls are performed by his stunt man, and they do an admirable job of never showing his face.

Stalker laughs, slays Nick easily and in a few minutes he and his blonde snuggle-bug are on their way back to Jafir. Well, actually it flickers on and off several times as if they stopped the camera, removed her hand, filmed for a second, then put it back, but who watches these things for their special effects?

All I see are a couple of douchbags. And yes, Deathstalker triumphs but, chivalrous to the last, refuses to kill Gorgo, instead sparing her and letting her lie in the middle of the boxing ring like a beached whale. Duel of the Titans is yet another combatant relegated to my Pit of Sword and Sorcery Mayhem, where only the strong survive. She sashays out from behind a screen, and Deathstalker remarks on her resemblance to the other, good, annoying Evie, which understandably pisses her off.

She holds them off with a torch while screaming her lungs out something that Miss Gabrielle was well known for in the glory days of her movie career. Unfortunately, he is saved by Evie and we have to put up with him for the rest of the movie. Javascript is turned off in your browser. With that, Deathstalker puts the shovel away, grins at our cute little heroine, she cutely waves back and, having triumphed over the forces of evil, he swaggers into the tavern for an evening of fun and games.

What they could afford were a bunch of thugs with black-painted wooden swords and bandanas obscuring their faces, which conveniently allowed them to reuse the same thugs over and over again through the course of the movie.

Well, Deathstalker is nothing if not chivalrous, so he reluctantly gives a bye to his two attractive companions and goes to aid Evie, thus starting… you guessed it… a bar fight.

Evie larosa nude

Definitely inferior to the first film in this category, but not by too much. Well, yes, we did, and she too was played by the bounteous Miss Gabrielle.

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Evie looks horrified and screams for her guards. Ex gf nude pics. Yet another wasted opportunity. Chin uses the bubbling pool to communicate with Jarek, telling him of his pathetic failure, after which Jarek… again, no surprise to anyone… jams his sword into his own pool, killing poor Chin.

Check these guys out. Evie larosa nude. Finally of course there is former scream queen Monique Gabrielle real name Katherine Gonzalezwho from until appeared in 45 movies, and gained a significant following. The epic begins in Indiana Jones territory, in the bowels of a dark fortress, lit by flashes of low-budget lightning apparently the soundtrack of the film was fogged, forcing them to add the sound of thunder to cover up the excess background noise.

A nasty and dangerous-looking crowd of ruffians, eh what? Also, they had to use stunt breasts for Toni Naples.

MORE gratuitous sex and nudity. And for the ladies, John Terlesky is buff and easy on the eyes. Muscled dude licks and bangs slim Milf. And use them they do, for Deathstalker proves himself their master, cutting down several with clanging sword sound effects to cover up the sound of fake wooden swords hitting each otherthen laying out a couple with his fists alone, followed by a quick smirk in the direction of the camera.

Lusty hot milf Linda Brown rides on muscled stud.

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It has both the one-handed guy in the horned helmet from Deathstalker I, the hot asian-looking gal reclining on the couch from Deathstalker I, and even the pig-faced warrior from… you guessed it — Deathstalker I. Nollywood lesbian film festival 2015. Don't you just want to eat her up? True to form, Deathstalker wants to go into the graveyard and loot the mausoleum. Once more, the lack of access to the Evil Overlord Handbook leads yet another villain to ruin. Jarek looks particularly pleased with himself.

Gods, woman… Thanks for killing the mood. Hot on his heels is another group of hooded mooks and their mistress, the luscious Sultana, a hot evil amazon-sorceress babe those are the best kind dressed in a fake leopardskin halter and cloak.

Where have we seen THIS before? Sentenced to trial by combat, Deathstalker warms up by jumping rope clad in the most microscopic loincloth imaginable and seems terribly offended at the whole affair, since as he says, he can easily beat any of the amazons with his hands tied behind his back. He and Evil Evie fall together and begin to do the horizontal hula. Back at the castle, the fake, evil, vampire Evie is throwing a hissy fit, throwing various implements at Jarek, who dodges them with ease.

Facebook Email Print Twitter Google. With that, Deathstalker puts the shovel away, grins at our cute little heroine, she cutely waves back and, having triumphed over the forces of evil, he swaggers into the tavern for an evening of fun and games. You didn't die in that fortress after all!

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Hamster milf movies Previous Post The Dawn of Zeitgeist. So with a new hero, who owes more to Bugs Bunny than Conan, and equipped with a number of competent or at least impressively cantilevered co-stars, they set out to produce a low-budget barbarian movie.
Big tits threesome porn Queen Kong approves of your shenanigans. Definitely inferior to the first film in this category, but not by too much. These are the amazons I like, as long I stay on their good side, of course.
Nude video of tabu Well, maybe not, but check it out anyway.

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