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Sexy naruto girls

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Tsunade is one of the legendary Sannin, three of the greatest ninjas from Konoha, as well as the granddaughter of the First Hokage. Dumb blonde lesbian. I see why Minato went after her. Sexy naruto girls. How is Tonton lower than anybody on this list. Beauty, Brains, and Brawn Kunoichi: Her ability in summoning weapons even though she didn't win against Temari.

All the others are beautiful too but none of them are as good as her. I mean did you see her soft silky cherry blossom unique pink hair, her soft creamy smooth flawless skin, her soft delicate slender petite body and her oh so mezmorizing sparkling breathtaking eyes! Her personality, and psychical appearance is a beauty for everyone around her. Such disappointment in costumes so far.

She is absolutely goregous.

Sexy naruto girls

I like her long raven hair, pale eyes, creamy skin, cute smile, her damn hot body and her polite personality. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. She may barely appear in the series but she is still a fairly attractive female.

Btw, created because the old one was closed. Video xxx lesbian. Konan, a loyal friend till the end. She has the total package, nice boob, nice butt, nice face, everything. Something similar, like maybe you interview some of the characters? The sports genre has finally got up and kick some ass. Well then your right! Sari was a very Desirable, Cute and Attractive woman. She rocks a crop top like nobodies business and stays strong even though she is the 7 tails jinchuriki. My personal opinion is Konan 0. Her funny dunk attitude and ability to be relatable helps even more!

Sounds like romeo and juliet love story. We all love Shikamaru. If she was shown without her akatsuki cloak, she might be higher She is hot without the akatsuki cloak V 32 Comments. Samui submitted 2 covers to show her different sides.

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She must be at the top! While she is kinda whiny sometimes, she is very sweet and only lets her emotions get ahead of her. Beyonce naked boobs. She is very powerful, and her buns give her an aggressive look. Put her at least in the number three spot now! All the others are beautiful too but none of them are as good as her.

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Report to Moderator IDK. That fiery auburn hair and the body not to mention she is the first female kage tsunade came after her which means she is quite powerful and the bang gives her a sexy mysterious look with the one eye honestly I'm so confused why she is not at the top ino and sakura are both ignorant fangirls especially sakura and hinata is a stalking perv.

Temaris the sexist second would be she should be numSakura Haruno Hinata should not be first she should really be 26th. Samui submitted 2 covers to show her different sides.

Her specialty is the use of genjutsu, which are special illusion techniques; other genjutsu masters even state that she is one of its most skillful users. Just look at those glasses. She's a nice girl, so you gotta love her anyway! Naruto has thankfully not skimped out on that over the years. I feel as if when she gets older, her looks grow too, making her all the more desirable.

She's strong, beautiful, caring and fierce, what almost every man wants in a woman. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Milf taking a shit. Anko is the most hottest in my opinion because she is very developed. Sexy naruto girls. Definitely deserves to be no.

Striking red hair and bossy. Over time, she becomes one of the most talented medical ninjas in the world and uses her intense chakra control to develop superhuman levels of strength. It's so creepy and messed up that people voted for her and Himawari. Girls don't need silky long hair to be beautiful! This is creepy rin only lived up to be like 13 in the anime, this is some pervert. I love her attitude I love her boobs I love her sexy red eyes.

You want the Swimsuit outfits? Temari not only has the looks of a sexy independent woman, but her personality is very attractive. Busty tits pics. I thought she was beautiful, not a number 1 but at least 5. She is very informative and powerful, despite being in a position of a weak woman.

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